Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League at
Chapman Hill Ice Rink and Ski Area

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Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League Schedules Update
With a total of 39 teams this season (the most ever); all levels but Level 2 and 3 being odd-numbered; and levels with a lot of teams (Level 4 has 11 teams, Level 6 has 9), the schedules are complicated. Levels with odd numbers have byes each week. The byes, coupled with holidays and our busy sheet of ice, all make for large gaps. I tried to minimize gaps as much as possible.  Please expect, in some cases, to play twice in one week and then be off for 2 weeks. (Come to Stick and Puck or Drop-In if you have a gap!)
The good news is we have the least amount of 10:30 games this season! You will still have them, but there are less than previous years. 
If you do see a correction please let me know right away.  Consequently, the schedule in your level may change.  I will put any corrections on this web site as soon as I find them.  Thanks for your patience and please remember, this is all for fun! - Matt

Geezers and Breezers 40+ League
Geezers and Breezers will begin on January 8, 2016.  Jim Mackay will be managing this League and will collect all payments and make rosters. 
Parks and Recreation will not be accepting registrations for this league.
For more information and pricing, contact Jim Mackay @ jsmackay@gmail.com

Drop-in Hockey Schedules
Friday mornings 35 and Over drop-in hockey at 6:15 am - 7:45 am starting November 6th will only include Levels 4-7 (from Levels 3-7).  
Please be sure you fit these criteria.

For more information, please call Chapman Hill: 970-375-7395















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