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All Chapman Hill Programing and information can be found on pages 16-21

****Important ****

Community Meeting On:
The Future of Parks and Recreation
Discussion will include:
Vision for the Reauthorization Tax

• Reauthorization the Recreation Center/Animas River Trail Tax for 20 years through 2039
• Fund a broad spectrum of Parks, Recreation and Multi-Modal projects
• Address the evolving objectives of the Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Master Plan

Future Key Projects

• Recreation facility improvements at the Recreation Center, Chapman Hill and the Mason Center

• Multi-Modal connectivity improvements, including sidewalks and bike lanes

• Development of hard surface trail system, including the Animas River Trail and SMART 160 Trail

• Lake Nighthorse development

• Neighborhood park improvements and develop new parks

• Maintenance and stewardship of Parks and Recreation assets

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
5:00 p.m. at the Durango Recreation Center










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